How to Draw a Lion – Step by Step Drawing Guide

In this drawing of lion lesson, we’ll show you the way to draw a Lion in five simple steps. This Free step-by-step lesson increasingly builds upon every previous step till you get to the ultimate rendering of the lion.

This is a simple lesson designed for beginners and youngsters with real easy-to-follow steps.

Here are some fun facts about the Lion you may realize attention-grabbing.

  • One of the most important members of the cat family.
  • It is nicknamed the king of the beasts.
  • The male Lion has bushy fur on its head known as a mane.
  • There are African Lions and Asian lions that disagree slightly in look.
  • The female Lion is to blame for looking and feeding a pride.

Out of some ways in which to drawing of a lion, this one can allow you to deliver the goods with pretty good results while not exaggerate your drawing. With our simple in small stages drawing guides, you’ll be able to check yourself at every stage victimization the provided grid lines.

Most significantly, when you master yourself to draw a lion, you’ll be able to teach your children this easy lion drawing. And the way to draw a cub cartoon. Use our free printable guides and follow simply in small stages directions.

In this tutorial drawing of a lion, we’ll take a glance at a way to draw a lion. During this example, we’ll draw the lion from the view along with his head inform forward.

Once we’ve got the fundamental structure drawn, we are able to layer the finished details on high. Let’s start with the drawing.

Step one- Draw a lion form for the “Mane” a part of the Body

We’ll begin easy here by drawing a form for most portions of the lion’s body. The animal is facing to the left. Therefore this facet can be got to be a bit thicker. The proper facet or “tail side” can taper a small amount.

Step a pair of – Layer Shapes for the Legs and Head

Next, we’ll draw extra forms over the most shape of the body. A circular form is drawn for the top, which is able to together embrace the mane of the lion. Extra shapes are drawn for the back and front legs.

Step three – Draw a “Lions” for the Face, Ears, and Tail

With every layer of the drawing, we’ll turn on what has been already drawn. Every form is employed for comparison functions to make sure that the proportions are correct. Simply irregular of the circle, draw a smaller circle for the top.

A line is supplemental returning off of very cheap of that circle for the jaws. One or two lines are supplemental for the ears on top of the smaller circle. We’ll together draw a line for the tail returning off of the highest of the form that was drawn for the hind limb.

Step four – Add a lot of Lines to the Face and Thicken the Chest

A few lines are drawn on the face to point a number of the small print. The eyes area unit drawn during this step still. We tend together to get to create the front of the chest a bit thicker. A line is drawn around from the very cheap of the mid-section to the circle that was drawn for the mane.

Step five – End the Drawing of a Lion

Now that our structure is undisturbed, the drawing may be completed. Victimization heavier marks, ink, or soft C, add the contours. Use a range of lines so as to kind the illusion of form. Use directional lines for the hair of the mane and allow them to curve around the front of the lion.

A bit of shadow below the body can facilitate produce a lightweight supply. Some lines area unit supplemental for grass beneath the lion, activity the paws. Erase any stray lines and your drawing is complete. You can also see bird drawing step-by-step.

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