Things You Need to Know About Custom Lanyard

Lanyards are basically rope or strap-like structure that is used to hold some small things like IDs, keys, etc. These are of different, types, styles, and colors so it can confuse you to select the suitable one. You should have a little knowledge about the raw supplies used in making lanyards.

In this article, you will know about the details you need to get a perfect custom lanyard. For example, methods, types of attachments, and others.

Selection of Supplies for Custom Lanyards

When you opt for a custom lanyard, then you have to be specific about the things you need. These selections will result in better customizing of your lanyards.

Type of Material

Mostly, polyester materials are used for making lanyards because of their strength. However, you can select other options such as cotton, polypropylene, and nylon.


You will get the ROYGBIV standard shade along with white and black for selection. So, you have the choice of selecting a suitable color for yourself.


The preferable length is 36 inches and the width is 5/8 to 3/8 inches. However, the width varies with variations of material. So, you can customize it as per your requirements.


Lanyards have variations in styles and designs. You can select any preferable design you like.

Methods of Printing

Custom Lanyards use several print methods for their creation. We have mention them in this article. So, selecting the printing method can help you to get the best suitable lanyards.

Types of Attachments

There are several types of attachments available for different purposes. You can select the ones you are actually looking for.

Which are the most common places where Lanyards are used?

Lanyards are used for any purpose whether personal or professional. However, in the case of the professional field, it is mostly used as ID cardholders. Some of the important places that require the lanyards on daily basis are as follows:

  • Schools and Colleges
  • Healthcare
  • Companies and Industries
  • Concerts and Programs
  • Libraries and Stores
  • Live Events
  • Conventions
  • Job Fairs
  • Cab Drivers

Imprint Methods

We have already mentioned that there are different printing methods for creating a custom lanyard. However, here is a brief detail about all the methods for your knowledge.

Silkscreen or Screen Print

This is the most common print method that costs low charges among other methods. Under, this method, you will be able to print your custom message on the lanyard with single color only. In case you want to use different colors, then select some other methods. The print lasts according to the material quality and you can feel the print while touching it.    


Sublimation is the latest printing method that expenses more because of its best quality. This print lasts for a longer period of time for any kind of fabric. If you want to create a high-class and complex design, then sublimation is the best option. This printing method generally takes a long time for creation as it produces excellent graphics and exclusive designs.


In this printing method, your message will be woven on the fabric that presents a classic look. However, the backside will look like hand needlework like reverse and incomplete. It is somehow similar to the silkscreen method as it also uses single-color form embroidery.

Hot Stamping

This method uses a hot stamp that has the required design and it produces quick prints only by stamping. Also, it is a singular color print that uses color films positioned between the lanyard and the hot stamp.

Types of Attachments

There is a big list of attachments that you can use to create customize a lanyard. A hook-like item is used at the bottom to hang things you need such as ID cards, keys, phones, lip balms, specs, etc. Moreover, these hooks are the necessary attachments you need. Below, we have mentioned various types of attachments:

  • Swivel clip
  • Bulldog clip
  • J-Hook
  • Oval clip
  • Thumb hook
  • 0 shape and D-shape hook
  • Crocodile clip
  • Snap button
  • Lobster clip

Some other special attachments are also available for use in your customization. For example, badge reels, plastic buckles, phone attachments loops, etc.,


You can now easily get a custom lanyard after going through the article. Generally, it helps us to secure our important little things. So, decorate a cool and customize one that makes you feel stylish.

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