How can writing games help you write?

According to an IFOP survey for Le Figaro Listeriae in 2016, 2.5 million French people had already written a book or a story at some point.

And you, are you one of these French?

Many are also discouraged. Who also stopped writing?

However, we all have ideas that flow, but the harder is the writing stage.

Don’t necessarily look for a reason to want to write. The urge is getting stronger and stronger in you.

But, you don’t know how to start writing.

This is where writing games can help you get started writing.

Writing games, what are they for?

As the name suggests, these are games that will get you started writing, in various forms.

To write, there is no question of writing a novel or a short story right away.

The goal is rather to familiarize yourself with the written word, and to take pleasure in practicing this activity.

To start writing is to play with the French language, How to create a Wikipedia page about yourself with words and sounds.

Starting to write is also about writing down whatever comes to mind, without wanting to write a novel right away.

Start writing for fun. It’s about writing like a regular activity.

Writing is a healthy and intelligent occupation whether or not you are good at writing.

To do this, you must learn to write.

You write for the purpose of improving yourself.

As the saying goes, “it is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith”.

At first, it’s difficult to write an organized story right off the bat.

This is the reason why writing games can help you in a first step, that of putting together words to write little bits of history.

You can call these writing gameslanguage games or literary games, games playing with the French language.

These writing games can correspond to what is sometimes practiced in writing workshops.

The writing games will allow you to move through different levels of the language.

These writing games will allow you to practice writing to develop your creativity.

These are writing exercises with voluntary artistic constraints.

It is through the constraints that you will gradually come to write more and more.

Myself, I lent myself to these writing games for the writing of my eBook, “111 Writing Games “.

This book is available for free on my blog.

These writing games are writing techniques for learning to write.

Many writers in France have always claimed that writing cannot be learned.

They are wrong.

But, in Anglo-Saxon countries, writing workshops have existed for a long time and are recognized at all levels.

Practice writing games at home thanks to my book, will free you from the constraints of time and travel in a writing workshop in your city or elsewhere.

My eBook will allow you to sit down and start writing in peace and serenity.

In this eBook, I offer you 111 games.

Each game offers a particular constraint, such as, for example, telling a memory, writing without using certain letters, by composing particular poems, by making the exquisite corpse or by creating a pangram!

It will have fun, give you confidence and give you wings to start writing!

The goals of writing games

The writing games, in general, may have different objectives:

  • creation
  • Training
  • initiation to writing
  • the fight against illiteracy
  • a therapeutic aim
  • Or just do a writing experiment.

Through writing, everyone can transform themselves, especially for those who live in difficult living areas, for those who are recovering after an illness or for those who are going through a difficult period in their life.

Writing is an artistic practice.

As such, it can help people in difficulty to be able to express their thoughts, their emotions, and their fantasies, to shape their ailments in words.

Writing can be practiced in the hospital environment with children or young people hospitalized, to help them take this step. Or in the prison environment also to help inmates release all the negative in them.

The writing games, as well as board games, you will create the family link with your children or grandchildren, or to create links with friends.

Writing, through these writing games, should allow you to pursue your own inner adventure, Wikipedia editors to devote yourself to your inner world to really bring it to life.

Writing is another way of expressing yourself, and you don’t have to think of yourself as a writer!

Writing, while letting the ink flow, is going to meet the unknown, that other unknown lurking deep inside you and who asks only to be free!

To write is to free yourself from a weight, to rediscover the pleasure of playing with words, this pleasure lost for so long, if it ever existed and that the school more or less silenced or suffocated in you!

Writing is life! It’s an adventure!

How to write?

Writing is not only used to express oneself, to memorize, or to communicate in the professional environment.

Writing supposes putting the language you speak at a distance and daring to confront yourself or the judgment of others, if you decide to show your writing.

To start writing, you will need an apprenticeship to master sounds and words, hence the interest of writing games.

It is true that writing an understandable text, ordering ideas, mastering spelling and grammar, are not easy for everyone.

Supporting conversations is more of a relaxing art for most of us.

But getting down to writing, even for an adult or a professional, is almost always viewed with some trepidation.

Writing is an oncological activity:

  • You have no interlocutor.
  • You are not interrupted – normally.
  • You don’t ask questions and you don’t answer questions.

But, I agree with you, to write is to launch into a vacuum.

Hence the interest of writing games.

These games can help if you don’t know what to write about or where to start.

Another difficulty that you are likely to encounter: writing requires and requires concentration.

The practice of writing takes up some of your attention.

But, above all, it imposes a strong constraint on your thinking.

By practicing constrained writing games, it will guide you and you will slide more easily into writing.

It will also save you the dread of the white beach, which all writers fear.

The 111 writing games that I offer you will prevent you from feeling worry or anxiety about writing.

These writing games will allow you to write, to engage, to produce more or less long statements, without experiencing difficulties when writing a text, more or less personal.

Practicing these writing games will allow you to forget the Internet somewhat, or to write other than texting or e-mailing.

Writing will allow you to acquire a certain reflection, so useful in everyday and professional life.

To write is to listen, it is to listen to you, to translate what you hear inside you.

It’s inventing, creating sound, music and rhythm.

Writing is in each of us.

The writing games will be the trigger that will make you realize that you can write.

Even while playing! Especially while playing!

Write to let off steam and be well

Writing is the cheapest outlet in the world.

It’s cheaper than a gym membership.

Writing only requires a notebook and a pen.

When you write, you have the endless ability to let off steam whenever you want.

Write down anything negative you feel at work, or about a person, even using profanity. It will relieve you!

Writing will make you a balanced person over time.

That’s my case.

I hesitated for a long time to start writing on my blog or producing personal writings.

It took me a long time to make up my mind and get started.

But, it gradually came to me as obvious over the months.

But, I notice that the more time passes, the better I feel, less stressed, more serene, and therefore happier and fulfilled thanks to the writing

Writing will allow you not to focus on what is wrong with your life, nor to focus on your blockages or your anxieties.

But, we are all capable of being truly full of happiness from time to time.

Writing allows that Guest Posting.

Writing will bring you lots of unexpected surprises.

This is what happened to me while writing my eBook on writing games.

I really enjoyed myself thinking how you help write and illustrate carta INS writing games with my own writing.

But, to start writing, you need to write regularly. Even every day.

You can also practice the 111 writing games that I offer.

As you play these games, you will write to find what you have to say.

Writing will change your life.

The more you write, the more you will have to say.

Form a commitment with yourself to write, whatever the form.

Start with small bits, for example, why not 50 words a day, or a writing game a day?

This challenge is easily achievable!

As a conclusion

I hope I managed to convince you to start writing, thanks to my eBook, 111 Writing Games.

I am sure that you will enjoy playing these games as much as I did imagining this book.

I read some of my creations to my entourage, and they liked it beyond my expectations, to be honest!

I can even say that my relatives were amazed to hear certain texts that I read aloud to make them discover my work.

Creativity is not a gift that you receive or not receive at birth.

It works, like everything else.

It is true that some people have more or less ease with writing.

That’s my case. But, I was not born with it. Quite simply, I have loved it from a young age.

Reading and writing are my passions. It makes it easier and that’s why I put myself at your disposal to imagine my eBook.

This is also the reason why I want to become a public writer in the near future.

Helping others is in my DNA.

When you have practiced some writing games, do not hesitate to send me your comments or send me your creations.

I will be happy to read you. Which I will do carefully.

Ultimately, I would like to publish an eBook with the creations that I would have received.

In advance, thank you for your comments or thoughts, as well as for your creations.

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