Fast Fit is the latest buzz of the Fashion Industry

A Fast Fit is an innovative approach to fashion sampling. It imitates the distribution and sampling process of a multinational company. This trend involves sending 360-degree pictures of fashion designs, instead of sharing physical samples. Fast Fit intends to reduce the time expended from designing a garment to delivering the final product. It is usually associated with companies that abide by the Fast fashion model.

How did Fast Fit come into fashion?

Fast Fashion is a trend that involves mass-producing designer garments domestically and selling them in retail in domestic stores. They draft the design in a local studio and communicate it overseas. Later, the units mass-replicate the design and send them to retail stores. Various production units execute the manufacture. This method reduced the cost and time of garment manufacture by a large fraction.

By 2021, numerous luxury fashion brands adopted this ‘Quick Response’ Fast production method. However, the location of manufacturing units across the globe also posed a serious issue. The replication of a design did not always deliver the right quality. The attributes of the garments varied with every unit.

This wave of inconsistency saw the rise of the first Fast Fit approach, called FastFit360. It is a Nevada-based organization that offered 360-degree images of your designs to be shared across the world. This improved the precision of the details in the mass-produced garments. Hence, over the years, it found its way into most of the largest and high-profile fashion brands.

How does Fast Fit work?

The sequence of events involved in Fast Fit is as follows:

  • Firstly, the designers draw inspiration from fashion shows, publications, competing brands, etc.
  • Then, they discuss potential designs, fabric and other details before manufacture
  • The designers send the finished design to in-house or collaborating designers for improvisation
  • They suggest cost-cutting and quality-improving changes
  • Later, they discuss and approve the production cost 
  • After developing the desired design, Fast Fit creates a 360-degree and shares it mutually for reference and approval
  • The entire team approves a final production sample
  • Finally, they ship the garments to retail stores or warehouses

How is it different from traditional sampling?

The traditional method of sampling involves producing at least 10 pieces of the sample garment. The designers send the individually packed samples to various Designing Departments and fellow manufacturers. After examination and discussion, they approve a final sample design. The traditional sampling has a higher cost of production and more time expended before manufacture. Sometimes, the samples are unable to be delivered across borders with customs.

How is Fast Fit the better option?

Fast Fit is an efficient solution since it involves digital sampling instead of physical. The process involves generating multiple 360-degree pictures of a design. They share the images with various departments and manufacturing units. Any changes or improvisations are commented on the digital platform.

Moreover, Fast Fit permits the multinational supply chains, manufacturers and designers to work together, cost-effectively. After applying the necessary changes, all the designers and production units approve the design. They send the approved final design for mass-production in various units.

Through Fast Fit, fashion brands accomplish profits faster than conventional sampling. Hence, the method proves beneficial to the investors. The investors put the quicker return of investment back in the business in this approach. Thus, it gives way for newer, fresher designs.

Furthermore, the investors expend the excess returns on in-store innovation and advertising. Besides, the designs incorporate the latest trends in fashion at a much lower cost.

Top brands that employ Fast Fit

The following luxury fashion brands utilize Fast Fit sampling for their creations:

  • Ralph Lauren
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Gloria Jean’s Corporation
  • Cristal Martin
  • Macy’s
  • Philip Van Heusen
  • Li & Fung
  • Maidenform

Furthermore, many smaller and popular retail brands are using this method of sampling for their mass production.


Fast Fit is fast-replacing the traditional method of physical sampling. It aims at reducing the time and money spent on producing a design. Fast Fit is a revolutionary innovation in the Fashion industry. It promotes the fact that 360-degree images are more cost-effective and trouble-free to handle. Besides, these visuals can be shared across the globe with just a click!


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