Bottles supplier South Africa: Everything you should understand

Bottles are the things that can meet the daily requirements of our life. This is a very interesting and effective kind of product available in the market. That is the reason it has gained a huge amount of popularity. There are various types of bottles that include glass bottles, plastic bottles, fiber bottles, and many more. 

In simple terms, bottles are containers that can hold any kind of liquid substance. Are you searching for a bottling supplier in South Africa? 

Well, we are the Pack House, and we supply various types of bottles to various customers. Here you can find all types and kinds of bottles to further choose from. We have also presented you with a blog that can guide you to get the best Bottles supplier in South Africa and so that you understand the importance of the suppliers as well.

What are the types of Plastic used in Bottles?

Normally in the huge market platform, there are six varieties of plastics that are used for creating the Bottles. The types are further elaborated:

·         PET or PETE- The full form of PET or PETE is Polyethylene Terephthalate. This is a common type of material that is found highly in medicines, foods, beverages, and many more. These are further considered as recyclable products and contain symbol 1.

·         HDPE- High-Density Polyethylene is highly famous for packaging plastic bottles. These are further commonly found in automotive, food, beauty, and household products. Apart from these, it contains symbol 2 and thus is considered a fairly recyclable product.

·         LDPE- These Low-Density Polyethylene is highly flexible in nature. These provide a high amount of durability. You might have noticed bottles of beverages that can be squeezed and other households and food products are further made with the help of this. This falls in the 4 symbol category which makes it difficult to further recycle.

·         PP- Polyethylene is the strongest plastic and has the capacity to hold a huge amount of temperature. Normally, these are found in household bottles, including medicinal and vitamin bottles. These are hard to recycle as they contain more amount of symbol including 5.

·        Other- Other forms of plastics include Polylactide/ Polycarbonate. These are common in industrial sectors. They are the hardest form of plastics to perform recycling and contain a symbol of 7.

How can you opt for a Bottles supplier in South Africa?

There are few things that you should understand to get the best Bottles supplier in South Africa. However, we are Pack House, and we know the requirements of the customers, what design and details can further meet their requirements. Also, the production of the bottle can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Thus, it is important for you to understand the need and specifications for your product and also help the supplier to meet the needs.

1.     Understand the properties of the bottle

Understanding the properties of the bottle is highly necessary to find out the good Bottles supplier in South Africa. If you are fixed with your requirements, it is obvious that you get the desired products. There are several materials used by industrialists that can meet each individual’s requirements.

2.   Mark the Design clearly

Another thing a person should notice is the designs. You should know what kind of designs the manufacturers and suppliers are providing. If the designs are accurate then you can further continue enjoying their services.

3.  Check the finish of the bottles

The supplier you are partnered with should provide bottles that contain a high-quality finish. Also, neck designs play a vital role in supplying bottles. You should further look after the following things:

·         Bead Width is the height and long dimension of the bead. 

·         Check the major and minor diameters. 

·         Understand the thread start of the bottle including the finish started. 

4.    Ask few questions to determine the quality of the Partner

From the huge market, you have to find out the quality partner and can then bond a relationship with them. The following qualities can further help you to understand the qualities. 

·         The timespan of performing the business. 

·         Location of the business

·         Understanding the prices

·         To whom the partners have worked?

·         Does it contain any kind of inventory? 

·         Check out for fleshed out professional website

5.    Demand for Value-added Services

Another thing that you should consider is the amount of value and service the partner is providing to you.


Thus availing bottles from a good supplier is important. Also, if you partner with Pack House, then you can enjoy a variety of bottles that are of great quality.

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