There seem to be basically three types whenever it relates to municipalities as well as webpages. The first is a city or township/borough that has a fantastic webpage and utilises it frequently to maintain its citizens informed about community activities and updates.

A municipality which has a website but doesn’t appear to have been updated in nearly a decade falls into the second group.

Whenever somebody visits that sort of website, the initial perception is generally not something a city authority would desire, and also what they offer on the website is generally fluffy with some online problems.

The final type is the municipality is one that is completely trapped in the history and believes that a webpage is unnecessary since no one will use it.

Why is a municipality website necessary?

If you want to present your city or village or town in front of everyone then you need a proper platform. A municipality website provides you with that opportunity.

Through this people can present the features of a city or town in front of everyone. It also provides us with faster communication with the local community.

After visiting this website once, people may get interested in knowing the site. It may attract a greater number of tourists. This keeps the residents of that particular municipality well informed about the happenings in that area. 

Besides the ones stated above, it also reduces the workload of the local government office significantly as most of the work is done here.

The most important use of these websites is that it helps in attracting a huge number of businessmen and investors. This will eventually lead to the growth and prosperity of that particular area. 

Some of the municipal website best practices 

As the websites serve a wide range of purposes it is important to design them in the perfect manner. Let’s see some of the main properties of a fine municipality website content.

The prominence of the latest news

It is extremely important for the latest news regarding the municipality to appear in a prominent place. News should be found easily and can be represented in any form. It includes blocks, feeds, etc.

Quick access to the desired goals

A municipal website should lead its visitors to the desired results quickly. It’s a very good idea to accumulate the information that you can expect will be the most popular in a spectacular column. Some of these include information related to taxes, various certificates, jobs, etc.

Search box

Despite providing prominent options and quick access to the most popular ones you must keep a search box. Some of the users may want to use this feature because they may be more comfortable in using it. You need to make sure that the search option is user-friendly and has features like result suggestions.

Reference guides or FAQs

The visitor of the website may not want to type in everything he wants to know. For that, it is necessary to keep a reference guide. It is a compilation of all the standard questions that are generally asked on that website.

Event Calendar

All the top municipal websites have their main page displaying all the major local events. This gives an overview of the events to the guests. However, the local people are equally benefited. 


The municipal website should be mobile-friendly. If it is only accessible through a laptop or personal computer then this may act as a barrier between the website and its audiences. Normally people explore the internet using their mobiles. So, it must accessible through both devices.

Social media integration

If the municipal website is linked to social media, then nothing is better than that. This will allow the readers to feel the heartbeat of a particular city or town. You can incorporate social media in many forms like social feeds or it may also contain contact information.

This will help the guests to get in touch with the people of that area itself. This will also facilitate their interest in the area. Eventually, it may lead to the formation of a unique bonding between the municipality and the world outside. 

It cannot be accepted that local government websites are falling prey to cyber-crimes. They are bound to get uncompromised security. The websites will contain official announcements and declarations of important events.

It will also have the contact information of various people. If someone hacks these crucial data then it can be a huge reason for everyone to worry about. Thus, you need to make sure that it is protected with HTTPS, regular backups, strong passwords, and other forms of security. 

On one hand, municipalities website has high demand while on the other hand, it needs to be done in a budget. There are many web development agencies that value the need for these websites and have numerous programs pertaining to them.

So, you can go for any of them. But being cautious and sincere is very important. Some of the best municipal websites are that of Stockholm and Orlando.  

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